Sunday, December 15, 2013

Suzy Dragnet's inevitable Adam-12 blog. Welcome.

Hi Everyone,

I have finally begun to watch Adam-12 for the first time.

It's a classic Mark VII production, complete with Jack Webb's hand marking the ending. (Clank. Clank.)

I don't presently have the resources to catalog seven seasons (!) of Adam-12 as throughly as Dragnet, so this blog is a repository of observations to discuss with you.

Thank you for the warm reception over at Everyone Nods: The Dragnet Style Files. That's my primary action item; this is an adjunct which I can't keep to myself.

(The final straw was in season two when I saw Virginia Gregg trashing a car with a baseball bat on New York Street. Need I say more?)

See you soon for intermittent updates, surprises, and classic TV memories - Adam-12 style.

Suzy Dragnet

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